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The Core Team is a group of people who are working actively on the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) via remote collaboration. For on-site work, you can consider Dedicated Project Visits. The goal of this toolset is to enable the creation of replicable, post-scarcity, resilient communities. If you haven't seen, please view:


With this said, here are some questions. Please email us back with those answers that you haven't already covered in your communications:

  • Name, contact information, and your location.
  • Why are you interested in GVCS work?
  • What are your long term goals related to the GVCS?
  • What part of the GVCS are you interested in working on?
  • What relevant skills do you have? Please list your practical experiences and expertise.
  • How much time can you commit to working on the GVCS?
  • What are you interested in getting out of this work?


Anyone is welcome to contribute content to this wiki ( With time, content is organized and categorized, such that a coherent body of knowledge becomes available - containing the supporting technical information for building post-scarcity, resilient communities. Right now, we're at the stage of generating content, and only a small amount of content organization has begun. We will establish contributor standards similar to Wikipedia with time. All content here is in the public domain or under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licenses.

People can also collaborate remotely by joining projects at the Open Pario project management site as Members. This site aims for more organizational structure than this wiki. For a further description of the Open Pario site, please see here. As people progress in their involvement, they may become Project Leaders for the 40 technologies of the GVCS as well as for other organizational development projects. See the existing projects on the main page.

For those interested in joining the on-site team, we have the Dedicated Project Visits. For those interested in Dedicated Project Visits or those who are interested in visiting - see Visit Factor e Farm.

Thus, the Core Team is a loose term for people who have demonstrated ongoing and significant contributions towards developing either (1), the hardware technologies of the GVCS, or (2), other supporting organizational tasks - for building the world's first, replicable, post-scarcity resilient community. The core team is in ongoing communication primarily over Skype, and conference calls are held on demand. Email opensourceecology at gmail dot com if you are interested in becoming involved.