Core Utility Panel Design Rationale

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  • Allow for 9 feet of flex from the top of stack vent so pipe has up to 2" of flex over the distance and thus can be prebuilt.
  • Are rubber couplers allowed?
  • Cap the top for extension to upper bathroom
  • Frame Panel 1 flat so there is sufficient space for a 3" vent stack, not 4". Meaning 4" space exists if flat 2x4s are used
  • Or use island framing, where studs are no t continuous but only islands
  • 3" vent so ack is desirable, so we can go thru framing. OD is 3.5 leaving 1" on each side.
  • Second floor toilet pre-plumb leaves from the top of Panel 1, and bends towards 2nd floor toilet sweep. Latch door is pre-set in 2nd floor prior to vinyl floor. Location is digitized, so this is replicable.
  • Vent stack is above 2nd floor soil stack tee, where tee is 3-3-1.5' sweep. Vent is 2" or 1.5". 2" makes it extra unique part, to be avoided.