Coronavirus Statistics

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Data Sources

  • World data - [1]. About 75k new cases per day currently, with limited testing. Total daily deaths worldwide - 7k per day. [2]

  • Percentage of positive tests: [3]
  • Side by side: tests, new cases, hospitalizations, deaths. [4]
  • Daily deaths:

Another good one:

Excess Deaths

A good verification of the COVID related deaths comes from comparing the baseline of deaths to those currently, as shown in a graph with a clearly visible trend, from the CDC -

Counting the number above the baseline yields the total number of deaths due to COVID. Period.

AS of 5/4/20 - this graph matches the current reported 70k total deaths in the USA. (couning the bars above baseline: about 24+18+18+10 is 70)

Side by Side Comparison

  • Different sources claim different things: Dr. Hodgkinson in Canada says death rate is 1/300,000 in his province and says it's the greatest hoax [6]. The source is highly biased [7]
  • This one [8] says 600k deaths so far in the USA - or 2/1000 and 600/300,000 on 6/15/21. How do we explain the 300x difference?
  • Just to complete Canada - [9] - 26k deaths on 6/15/21 [10]. That is 26/37000 = 7/10000 or 210/300,000. How is this 210x greater than the report by Dr. Hodgkinson? Fact check by AP (least biased - [11]) shows that Dr. Hodgkinson is not a reputable source - [12].
  • According to this testimony in Texas - a safe, FDA approved drug does exist according to an Oxford study for reducing death by 90% in patients - see minute 9 - [13]. May 2021. Investigating the claim, I can only find 18% death reduction - [14] based on [15] - a reputable source - the 90% is apparently misrepresenation of data.


  • For comparison, 1.35 million die each year from car accidents, or 3700 per day. [16]