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Point Issues

Autocratic Kleptocrat Network

Putin backs many thugs around the world? - ==Stock Trading by Congress==*Issue- Stock trading by congress - [Soon, you’ll be able to make the same stock trades as your Congressional representative, thanks to a pair of new ETFs tracking their investments. The creation of the funds comes at a time when everyone from Elizabeth Warren to your Tinder date is beefing over potential conflicts of interest raised by lawmakers trading stocks.

How it works: The options flow platform Unusual Whales is planning two ETFs divided along party lines: ticker NANC for Democrats and KRUZ for Republicans. Both will build portfolios based on the 300–600 investments disclosed by lawmakers and their families. It’s like a MasterClass that Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues didn’t want to teach.

Unusual Whales told Morning Brew that the goal of the funds is to let people follow Congress’s investments without having to dig through disclosures. “Congress has traded and gained for a long time. It is time for the market to have a product that encapsulates that as well,” a representative of the platform said.] Solution - DMS solves this. When there are numerous producers who distribute wealth directly as a Distributive Enterprise as opposed to Re-Distributive Enterprise, then the issue of centralized trading goes away. Wealth is distributed, not concentrated, and does not allow parasitic behavior such as stock trading.

  • Issue - cryptocurrency does not have solid backing (as in gold used to back money), because its backing is typically backed by belief. This is no different than fiat money. The true backing of fiat and crypto is productive potential, which substantiates the mint coined. [White House teases new crypto regulations. The Biden administration announced a regulatory framework for the crypto industry yesterday, following up on an executive order from March that called for more research on what that should look like. Think of the new framework as the precursor to actual regulations. It focuses on cracking down on illicit activity and making crypto investing safer overall—specifically stablecoins, which haven’t lived up to their name. It also lays out the “significant benefits” of creating a digital US currency.]. Solution - Productive Potential Backing