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Google Photos Closing its Free Unlimited Storage in June 1, 2021

Just in the nick of time to upload OSE footage. What do you expect - Google does not have a revenue model for free photos storage at high quality.

This means that OSE would need to set up its own photo server, with additional costs as a result.

Cost of memory:

  • HDD - 8TB = $144 [1]
  • HDD 4TB - $55 - [2]
  • Note compared to server prices: payback time for hot storage (16TB = $440 RAID 6) is a little over a month!
  • For a 1 Gb internet line - could serve 20 50Mb/sec connections at one time - probably enough for 100Gb (~10GB) projects - 2000 seconds or 33 minutes to download 10GB.


  • 81 cents/TB/mo for cold storage but $18/TB/mo for hot storage. [3] - or about $3 or $72 for 4 TB/month.
  • $23/Tb/month on Amazon S3 [4]
  • $1-2/TB/month on Sia, a decentralized, blockchain-based cloud storage platform [5]



Google Photos is shutting their free unlimited storage this year, what is your suggestion for the best home-server RAID?

We have a 1Gig fat pipe, can get 4 Gig if we want, so onsite raid makes sense?

Can I just build me a RAID Level 6 using 4 USB 3 drives, and connect it to something like a headless Beagle Bone AI for USB 3 to the world, with other USB connections for RAID function? So looking at 4 TB drives - 8 of them - for 16TB total storage with full backup? This would cost $90*8 in hard drives, and we'd put it in a CEB air conditioned room:) Or go to HDD drives at much lower cost.

How would you implement a 16TB web-accessible storage (pictures for collaborative video edit)?