Cost of Firewood

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Firewood usage is large - about 5 cords per year. Each cord is 2500-5000 lb. That makes 12,500 to 25,000 lbs - or 6-12 tons.

There are 12 million wood stoves in the USA.

Average gallons of fuel use in the USA is 10,000 miles equivalent - or 500 gallons - or 4000 lb of fuel. That is the equivalent of wood house heating usage.

Cost of a cord is $150-$500 - say $300 on avearage.

5 cords is $1500 for a season of wood heating.

Gas heat for the winter is about $700.

One season of firewood gets you 5kW of installed electricity from solar panels at the current price of 30 cents per watt at Makes sense to use electric PV heat and save some trees.