Cost to Solve All Pressing World Issues

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  • War - $200B to provide hardware, equivalent of all global military spending ($2T) at 10x efficiency increase factor.
  • Hunger - $2B. $20M startup for first facility, $2M replication cost with land, and 4 year program for 50/50 ownership with option to buy after 10 years. 1000 facilities worldwide, each being a farm village with large acreage and good Crop Yields Per Acre. Crop yields per acre for 1 acre of energy crop yields 867 tons of steel, enough for 60 or so large tractors or other pieces of heavy machinery for agriculture. Only one 200 hp tractor needed per 1000 acres of field crop [1]. 1000 facilities x 2 million - $2B. One thousand acre facility produces food for 10k people, and 100k with 10x efficiency. Marketing rollout is hard, but this is accomplished with direct to consumer subscription, and 50% export as a buffer. 100k people per facility - means 100M people fed. This is the core, but replication via training is the second cycle after 4 more years - so with 8 years we solve hunger, feeding 100M*240 if classes are 240 people or Dunbar scale. That would feed 24B people, so there would be some surplus.
  • Housing -
  • Energy -