Course On Internet Age Movement Entrepreneurship

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Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to wrangle web presence effectively using open source platforms (Word Press, Wiki)
  • Ability to do effective video production using open source software
  • Ability to manage a server, email list, open source social media, and publicity
  • Ability to create a personal brand and a strong following
  • Ability to monetize one's following including True Fans crowd funding and presale crowd funding
  • Ability to manage multiple open source hardware development projects
  • Ability to collaborate openly and time-bind one's efforts with the rest of the world via a high measure of collaborative literacy
  • Ability to manage online discussion and community
  • Ability to use open source modeling, rendering, and house design software
  • Ability to design circuits and to work with microcontrollers using open source toolchains
  • Ability to do rapid prototyping using laser cutters, 3D printers, routers, CNC torch tables, and CNC heavy machines
  • Ability to do enterprise resource planning using open source software
  • Ability to build cordless power tools
  • Ability to manage and build an aquaponic greenhouses and eco-housing