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  • Single box is 2.25" wide [1] - meaning that a regular plate would cover up to a 0.25" gap around the box.


  • 2.75x4.5 size [2]


  • 3.1x4.9 size [3]


  • 3.5x5.25 size [4]. Meaning it is about 0.6" larger than the box on the side.
    • This means we can route around a box, then easily use a jumbo plate to cover the kerf with about 0.35" coverage beyond kerf - so it would likely cover small runout mistakes.
  • A midsize plate (3.1") is over 0.4" " larger on the side, meaning that it would also cover a 0.25" router kerf, but without much tolerance so runout mistakes would need correction.
  • A small plate - 2.75" - Would barely cover the perfect 1/4" kerf. Not doable.
  • More:
    • This one says oversized plates are 0.75" taller and wider than regular [5] - compare to the standard above.
    • Beware - not all jumbo is jumbo such as 3.3x5.1 [6]
    • 3.5x5.1 [7]

Work Doc for Routing Boxes