Critical House Details

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  • These are details I want to show the building inspector, so we are not called on it during build. These should be in the engineering package, and if not, in an addendum so every detail is transparent and we cannot get called on something if it is approved. It would be difficult for an inspector to disapprove something that has been explicitly approved before, so we should save ourselves time by rebuffing controversy on the spot.

High Level

  • Floor plans - [1]
  • Elevations - [2]
  • Foundation - [3]
  • Wall Overview - [4]
  • Exterior Sheathing Dete - [5]


  • Foundation structure - concrete, rebar, MASA, tie to sill plate
  • Foundation interior load bearing wall
  • Sill plate detail - how sill plate attaches to foundation and to walls
  • Ext Sheathing Detail - schedule
  • Framing - corner module details
  • Framing - Junction of modules
  • Framing - module connection, nail schedule
  • Framing - double door module
  • Framing - window module, 1st and 2nd
  • Framing - ext door fl 1
  • Framing - ext door fl 2
  • Framing - 2nd story platform - joist attachment, corner detail of 2 end joists, subfloor, floor
  • Interior wall framing -
  • Interior door framing
  • Stair detail with landing showing attach to joists and landing
  • Stair detail showing top nosing
  • Carport attachment to house cross section
  • Joist Hangers - carport, 2nd story floor, roof
  • Roof cross section detail with insulation
  • PV mounting detail - to house and to panels themselves
  • Interior wall insertion detail - showing build of walls after interior is done
  • Carport sheathing on walls, sheathing on floor/roof, gutter, joist attachment, corner detail. Schedule for nailing modules on corners, to each other, and to bottom beam
  • Roof gutter detail - including EPDM, water block, term bar, etc.
  • Trellis Detail - structure, trim attachment, verticals, bolting schedule
  • Trim detail interior - sheathing on wall, roof, trim
  • Trim interior detail - utility channel, lath, cover, trim on top and bottom
  • Door utility channel detail - double door
  • Door utility channel - single door, both floor 1 and 2
  • Plumbing plan - diagram
  • Electrical plan - diagram with standard symbols in Docs


  • Extract FreeCAD cross sections, annotate in Docs, screenshot into engineering doc if need insertion into proprietary software