Critical Theory of Technology

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Did you ever notice how in college, the education has become increasingly impractical and unapplied? You don't really learn fundamental things about how things work. If you look at how this works, you will see that college will teach the theoreticians and high-end white collar workers, but it will not teach the practical skills of survival and economics. You are thus guaranteed to become dependent as a consumer, exchanging your labor so that you can buy things from real producers. And the real producers are all proprietary because the information of production is typically closed. The basic practices are open however the best practices are closed. The issue here is that the way things are the system is a great driver of mediocrity in production and therefore in sustainability and environmental issues.

I began to notice this phenomenon, though I did not know what was going on, at the time that I was a chemistry student at Princeton. My expectation was to learn a lot of applied knowledge, but instead I was learning molecular orbital theory and the harmonic oscillator model. Great, if you don't want to do anything practical that has to do with your economic life of solving the bottom run of Maslow's pyramid. But if you want to make a better life for everybody this is onerous.

Systemic annihilation of creativity is a prerequisite for the above course.