Crop Desiccation

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  • The Drying of Crops Before Harvest
  • Typically refers to methods to speed up the process
  • This is largely accomplished via Herbicides although OSE should attempt to look into Alternative Means if researching this


  • Document Non-Herbicide Methods
  • Document to what degree the "natural" process is (Not to say there is no need for Crop Desiccation, moreso to see if different Crop Varieties "dry" different, and if this could be enhanced etc, or to what degree Smart Agriculture could determine if the weather should be sufficient on it's own pre-intervention (more of an Integrated Pest Management data driven approach)

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  • (A Company using Electricity to Kill/Disrupt the Cells in the Leafs Leading to Crop Desiccation, only consumables are Fuel/Electricity in the Tractor and a Saline Solution)

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