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Crowd funding can be a great way to support initiatives - and that is how I have indeed gained true freedom. I was broke - 2009 - literally no money to continue after burndown of $25k within 2 years of getting out of my Ph.D., trying to start a new civilization. So I turned to crowdfunding via ChipIn, and then started True Fans - and I was getting paid to follow my dreams. No experience is more powerful than this - to do something you believe in - and the universe pays for it. I recommend it. It does require diving into the deep end. As such, it is useful to uncover how crowd funding can be used effectively by others. Today, my quest has morphed into pursuit of Distributive Enterprise, as it is based more on generating clear value, and more value than just exploring. DE has the value of taking known economics and opensourcing them for public benefit. -MJ


  • Patreon - passive crowd funding - [1]


See blog post for crowd funding report.

Free or Open Source Platforms

from Ira Mollay at

From Ben Lipkowitz

rational street performer protocol

open source hardware bank - unfortunately they only seem to be promoting their own projects.

From: MichaelNorton <> Date: 2009/5/7 Subject: Notes on crowd fundraising To: MichaelNorton <>

Dear all

Thank you for coming to our session on crowdfunding yesterday.

I am enclosing a note which I prepared for you.

If you are interested in becoming a pioneer venture, then please come back to me. The next step then would be for you to answer a questionnaire (which I am preparing) and then for us to meet together to flesh out the “offer” to ”believers”. At the moment we have no clear date for launch, but are hoping it will be in the autumn. If you are intersted, please contact me.

For those who expressed an interest in becoming crowd investors, I will also be preparing a prospectus, and at this stage we want to log your interest in making an investment in our venture (so at the moment this will be without any firm commitment on either side), and will launch our investment offer when certain aspects of our venture have been finalised. Four of those attending expressed interst to us. If anyone else wants to express an interest, please contact me.

Best wishes, Michael Norton