Cryogenic Liquid Energy Storage

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  • A form of Energy Storage utilizing a gas cooled to a liquid as the storage medium, and the cooling, and usually expansion of the gas as the energy conversion mechanisms
  • Most commonly Nitrogen (ie Liquid Nitrogen is used) , or Liquid Air are utilized
  • The simplicity of a nitrogen only system, as well as the added utility of a Nitrogen PSA System and stored high pressure nitrogen (and potentially oxygen) gas, and liquid nitrogen make a strong case for it's utilization
  • Main "unknown" is the Round Trip Efficiency (granted thiss will vary system to system), and the cost/benefit ratio over other systems such as FES , Batteries , or Power-to-X
  • The development of Cryogenic Liquid Technology via this would also allow for Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Methane (usually called LNG or liquid natural gas) storage/utilization
    • Also likely stirling engines (for Stirling Cryocoolers), and turbine or piston engines (for gas expansion to energy)

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