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Cura is the slicer for 3D printing.

General Cura Tutorial

Useful Functions

  • Minimum layer time - for a thin point in a print, you want to slow print down to enable more cooling time. This way a small part doesn't sag on you.
  • For single wall thickness - Spiralize mode is useful


  • Lulzbot Cura has weird artifacts in when aiming for single line thickness. For example, you can't make a wall thickness as large as the nozzle size. With 0.8 nozzle, wall thickness must be below 0.8. But the bottom and top can be lower. This happens both in Spiralize Outer Contour and regular printing.


  • Lulzbot Cura is the Lulzbot edition of Ultimaker's Cura. See Lulzbot Cura. OSE is using Lulzbot Cura because Lulzbot is a libre hardware company, while Ulimaker hardware is not open source.
  • Note that Ultimaker Cura has some extra settings that may be desirable at times. See Cura Tutorial above