Curriculum Development Strategy

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This page is dedicated to a strategy for scalable development of a large number of rapid-learning instructionals that are used to train OSE Developers. The software under consideration will be part of OSE Linux.

The premise is that there is already huge expertise to be found among many different open source software communities. Bringing people in general up to speed on the potential of lesser known software (as opposed to well-known software such as Wordpress) will help to accelerate the adoption of open source software as such software begins to dominate not only blogging (Wordpress), wikis (Wikipedia), and server back-end (Apache server) - but all areas of computing. Because any closed source software potentially carries malware or violates privacy, OSE's official prediction is that open source software will dominate most if not all areas of computing in the future. This is under the assumption that malware will not be tolerated as software users become more educated and aware.