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What age/experience group is relevant for OSE curriculum and work? That completely depends on the project and person - so here are guidelines.

  • Different levels for curriculum are:
  1. Kindergarten
  2. Elementary
  3. High School
  4. College
  5. Master's Degree
  6. PhD
  • Typical curriculum for OSE, related to the GVCS, requires high school level science and math ability.
  • Exceptional younger students can be more capable than average older ones, which means that OSE work is suitable to any exceptional but very young student. We welcome this.
  • There is wide variation in school quality for the rich and poor, and between different countries. Thus, someone in elementary school may well be as capable as a college student.
  • PhD level curriculum can be turned into high school curriculum if broken down into small parts. Part of the complexity of PhD level work is that one has to consider a broader or deeper knowledge base. This does imply that modular breakdown of the multiple elements, or taking a part of a single element - may be done by much younger students.
  • The power of modular breakdown is that younger students can do pieces of meaningful work. This lends itself to massive online collaboration between many students in OSE Clubs - making development of the entire Global Village Construction Set tractable.