Custom Fabrication Exam

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These are basic competency requirements for fabrication at Factor e Farm:

MIG Welding test on mild steel:

  1. Weld two 1/8" steel flats at right angles to a tee post over 6' length
  2. Welding two 1/4 slabs together at right angle to make an angle for 6" length
  3. welding two 1" slabs together, butted to each other flat along a 6" length

Oxyacetylene Torching test on mild steel:

  1. Torching 1/8" steel over 12 inches length
  2. Torching a 1" slab, over 12 inch length

You may submit a video for approval.

General body awareness, self-awareness, and safety awareness are required. These are difficult to teach - they are a mindset that the participant needs to be equipped with prior to becoming involved in the workshop.