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Simplified Protocol

HintLightbulb.png Hint:

  1. Document on the wiki
  2. A black and white bulleted list of parts is the simplest way to go, and checks next to parts can be used for verification. #Total parts count and pictures may be useful, you can use this template for easy-to parse cut lists. (click edit below to access template)
  3. Embed on the wiki:



A cut list is a list of materials to be machined or cut via simple means. It includes cutting and drilling, whether by hand or by CNC - by saw, ironworker, CNC torch, laser cutter - whether in metal, wood, or other material.

To generate a cut list, determine what stock you have, and generate an itemized list of cuts to be made, including suggested method of cutting and other notes.

Full Protocol

Use this Cut List Template for a formal template, or elinate the columns to simplify. For example, if you don't know what stock you have, just list the number and specificiations of the pieces that you need. The verification should be made by a process manager - to ensure that the correct inventory is available for a build.


  1. Examine Bill of Materials for build
  2. Examine what stock materials you have - what 'comes from the store' or from your supplier
  3. Itemize a list of cuts according to the Cut List Template above. Make sure to prepare, finish, and post-process the cuts - debur, grind edges, oil, etc - as suggested.
  4. Embed your cut list in wiki, on page named - Cut List - Machine/Module Name
  5. Print the list or take your computer and check off items after they are cut
  6. Have the quality control person approve the cuts - check it off on sheet or mark yes/no in computer spreadsheet.