D3D Cable Chain

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D3D Cable Chain Download

  • main chain links - 22 per chain, 44 total
  • Beginning - 2
  • End with rod clamp - 1
  • Lock spring - 10
  • Source Files for STL Files:
  • First option above was used in D3D - source files (unmodified, these are not used except for the links and spring)-File:Cablechain.zip
  • In order to mount the x axis cable chain to the x axis, an end piece was used to clamp to the axis. End Piece was made in Blockscad by modifying the terminal chain link. Here are the source Blockscad files (includes import STL + Blockscad project file): File:Chainrodclamp.zip
  • Initial chain link was also modified - starting with the original initial link, modified in BlocksCAD. BlocksCAD source files (includes import STL + Blockscad project file): File:Startchainmod BlocksCAD.zip