D3D Extruder Build Quality Control

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This is outdated, valid up to August 2018. See 3D Printer Extruder for later work.


Kinesthetic-modular build instructions have built-in logic based on how a machine goes together. That logic - based on modular understanding - is visible to the builder. Procedural instructions are on the other hand dumb. The builder does not see integrated assembly logic. Kinesthetic-modular build instructions begin with understanding of the modular breakdown for a machine.

Build Summary

  • Make magnetic mount against a metal plate
  • Attach magnetic mount with small interior screw.
  • Make hot end. With heater and thermistor and heat paste.
  • Attach print fan with one screw
  • Insert Teflon liner into throat
  • Close body clam shell, keep mag mount loose.
  • Fix print cooling fan
  • Make idler
  • Mount motor and idler
  • Make heigh sensor and install.
  • Attach print cooling fan nozzle
  • Attach heat sink fan
  • Bundle the wires with zip tie.
  • Test thermistor
  • Wire both fans with common positive, and separate negative. Test both fans on power supply
  • Test probe