D3D Marketing Plan

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General strategy. Next step - phases.

  • Integrate with PHP list for automated emails on a predetermined schedule for the D 3D list which is integrated on the website. Auto unsubscribe and the email list comes from the d3d website.
  • Add map of potential Workshop locations across the United States and across the world.
  • Market to Elementary or high school students 4 Teachers workshops just like 3D for EDU
  • Pursue a college lecture tour that integrates with extreme manufacturing workshops.
  • Develop a logistics list of direct flights (times, days, cost) of two hour flight locations across North America
  • Begin a training program for Workshop leaders to franchise out the operation according to the initial plan at D3D Enterprise Concept
  • Flesh out the D3D Enterprise Concept
  • Scheduled FB publishing plan for each event. Tell a story.
  • Include FB Live for Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Determine shipping strategy for plastic parts with USPS, FedEx, and UPS
  • Complete the D3D Construction Set in FreeCAD
  • Publish the low cost version of D3D
  • Contact established creative spaces
  • Plan events around existing events
  • Develop on-demand printing service via octoprint integration with a camera to show prints. $50 order minimum.
  • Start OSE Podcast. But need a thought leader partner.
  • Get on various shows and media.
  • Clarify the Guaranteed Basic Income plan, of moving towards evolution to freedom.


  • Strong email newsletter + scheduled social media
  • Construction Set assets - LAI, FreeCAD Workbench, low cost printer version ($150) for heaterless version but auto level
  • Circuit mill, laser cutter, ceramic printer, PNP, and other small options
  • Cordless power tool construction set package - develop an open source version


  • Permies - workshops page - [1]
  • One Community - post to Jae
  • Survival Podcast
  • Solari