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HintLightbulb.png Hint: See D3D v18.10 for current files


In 2018 we are starting a Github workflow for updating Marlin. See instructions on how to do this at OSE Marlin and Github.

D3D 16" Frame 12" Bed

D3D 16" Frame 8" Bed


  • The firmware code which is uploaded to the control Arduino (part of RAMPS) is a bunch of files contained in a folder, totaling 1.5 MB. The main file for configuration is configuration.h. When using the Arduino Environment, load Marlin.ino when opening new file. This will open up the whole bunch of Marlin files. To upload to RAMPS - use a USB cord.
  • To upload, make sure you have Serial Port selected in Tools, and correct Board selected, which should be Arduino Mega.
  • Upload did not work for MJ until I disconnected the 3D Printer - might have been wrong port selected.

Working Doc


Notes on Z Probe Offset from Extruder

Z probe offset from extruder is the critical single parameter that lets the machine know the correct location of the nozzle with respect to the Z probe - which allows the automatic bed leveling to work.

Z probe offset from extruder is positive if the probe is above the nozzle, and negative it it is below the nozzle.

Note that the Z probe offset from extruder is defined with respect to the probe sensing location (the height at which the probe triggers), not the probe physical location. In other words, this offset is physically invisible - it is determined only upon observing where the probe triggers. This is somewhat counterintuitive. If the offset were determined with respect to the physical tip of the probe - than that offset could only be positive - a fixed probe must always be above the nozzle so that the probe would not hit the 3D prints that are being created:



  • Warning - starting with [[OSE Folgertech Prusa i3 Marlin was a bad idea - old code and buggy.
  • I downloaded a fresh version about March 16, 2017, and started from scratch as documented in working doc above.



  • Scott Lahteine (Thinkyhead) is the lead wrangler of Marlin. From the Midwest RepRap Festival of 2018 -