D3D Ohio 18.02 Design Specification

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Reason for this Iteration and what this Iteration addresses

  • The MK8 extruder has had too much variation and has caused issues when replicating. There is no standard mk8, varioud gear sizes and quality issues have been seen, so the team will be used a adapted version of the Prusa I3 MK 2 extruder here. http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/File:Prusa_i3_mk2_extruder_adapted.fcstd
  • This iteration is experimenting with PVC frames for a large build volume. A frame using 3/4" pvc was previously made that had an 8" bed, we are going to see how far we can take this concept for the huge benefit of the availability of PVC

Development Template Links

A development template holds key project management and closeout items such as the burndown chart, bom and other information such as the development log


Requirements of this Iteration

Design rational

We will start with a 1" PVC tubed frame, and will also have on hand parts for a two motor Z axis (previously just a one motor overhang)


CAD file history