D3D Print Quality Requirements

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  • 3 sigma quality on brimless print start
  • Turbo fan for horizontal printing
  • 100 mm/sec 60 Shore A rubber printing speed
  • 10 lb per day print rate per extruder
  • Bumper part harvester with vertical printing.
  • Active bed cooling for rapid part release
  • Mixing extruder print head for multiple material printing and material transition
  • 4 sigma quality control on mass production printing with auto part harvest
  • 3D Printed part boxer app - adding packaging to prints for 3D space printing for production purposes.
  • Fastest rubber printer on the market in the <$10k category

Thermal Performance

  • Includes a heated chamber for printing in up to 200C temperature, which is higher than 3D printer below the $50k mark
  • See High Temperature Heated Enclosure
  • This means that difficult to print materials such as HDPE or Polypropylene will be a breeze to print
  • Gets us into the PEEK + Ultem printing regime
  • Perfect for science class curriculum - Industrial Curriculum for the School Child.
  • Allows ready modification for MIG Welder 3D printing. Ready insert that is an add-on to the standard 3D printer kit.


  1. Filament drive is accessible for cleaning

Product Ecology

  1. Extruder head has wire connectors so other heads can be connected in a construction set approach