D3D Pro Product Release

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  • Quick build, modular frame with quick attach axis points guarantees easy alignment. Can be taken apart readily. Steel Space frames are the highest performance to cost ratio option, and our frame does not require welding.
  • Scalable frame - scale readily up to a 2x3 foot print volume printer using the same frame desing
  • Scalable, modular axis. The universal Axis can be build in 8 mm, 1", and larger configuration, allowing us to build larger and more powerful machines.
  • Fast heatbed - High temperature, fast heating, insulated heatbed. Saves 30% energy.
  • E3D Titan Aero extruder for state of art performance that is reasonably free from jamming.
  • Universal Controller - Modular, Scalable Control Panel - 24V control panel runs from a GFCI-protected on-baord outlet to mimize dangerous shocks while lowering current flow for more robust wiring and scalability of the heatbed. It is designed for Easy modular addition of stepper drivers, making the Universal Controller usable out-of-box in higher power applications at very low cost. Frame, controller, and heat bed scalability allow for low cost expansion of print volume to 4x4x8' size for printing construction panels from waste plastic. We welcome you to join us in this upcoming development.
  • Easy wiring with split wire loom replaces cable chain to allow easier access to wiring for the long term