D3D Simple Expandability Value Proposition

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  1. First, it's a 24V system (not 12V) so it can run faster at higher stepper motor speeds, and is more robust for overheating
  2. Comes with spring steel quick release plate print bed with BuildTak, but can be upgraded readily to a fast, insulated heatbed.
  3. Can be upgraded readily to a 12"x12" print area with BuildTak and flexible release plate
  4. Can be upgraded readily to D3D Pro by printing all necessary parts
  5. Can be upgraded to the Supervolcano and 2x2x3 working volume readily.
  6. Can be used to make parts for the D3D CNC torch table effectively using its 1.2 mm stock printing nozzle to produce parts.
  7. Can be readily upgraded to larger stepper motors - with an additional power supplly and using External Stepper Driver Module
  8. Can run 1, 2, or 3" Universal Axis system.