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  • This page explores current, and future D3D Toolheads


FDM 3D Printer Extruders

Pen Holder


  • Would allow for high quality printing of images
  • First build would most likely be a Frankensteinian Build, but perhaps later use an open source/custom inkjet

Lab Devices

Pick And Place

  • Main use would be automated PCB assembly
  • Could perhaps be used with faster + high quality d3ds for industrial use such as sorting etc

Soldering Iron

  • Used for automated soldering of pcbs

Laser Diode

  • Open Source Laser Diode Toolhead
  • Used for cutting thin/weak materials, engraving, and even pcb masks for etching via ablating off the mask selectively
  • Offer various diodes
  • May neccesitate a sheild to make all users in the area not have to wear laser glasses/goggles
  • Also can be a FIRE HAZARD (wood etc burning, smoke release)

Drag Knife

  • Used for cutting materials without the burns of the laser
  • Can work with paper and cardstock
  • Could allow for use by scrapbookers etc as an alternative to a Cricket device
  • Also works with thin flexable sheets such as vyn
  • May also make a nice dedcated device (extra wide, low z axis, perhaps with a belt and/or paper feed/hold mechanism

Drill / Simple Spindle

  • Used as a precise drill press or for pcb drilling (can it do milling, will it not have enough torque to go through materials without stopping, how does it compare to a cheap cnc spindle etc


  • Rotary Tool/Dremel Holder
  • Small CNC Spindle Holder

Heavy Duty D3D Toolheads

  • These are for the cnc table
  • This can brantch into it's own page if need be
  • Oxy-Fuel Torch
  • Plasma Cutter

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