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Extruder Pull

  • Method: weight cell connected directly to filament, and pulling on scale + extruder in opposite directions.
  • Felt some stopping happen at around 8-10 lb of pull, which was hard to hold extruder at that force by hand.

Rubber Printing

  • File:D3duniversal 8.ini - using the Product Release version from photo shoot
  • No problem printing TPU at 75 mm/sec - rubber vase in vase mode (spiralize outer contour in Lulzbot Cura Expert Settings). Deformation occurs for print, but extrusion does not jam. What is the limit?
  • Rubbervase.png
  • File:Rubbervase.fcstdFile:Rubbervase.stl

Extrusion Rate Limits

There are none. Up to 500 mm/sec still can't jam the extruder with Shore Hardness 95A TPU by Sainsmart.

And that was only the beginning. Here it's up to 100t0% travel speed, or 500 mm/sec on travel moves , and no sign of skipping steps, and no sign of filement feed issues. It is worth looking into this more closely to get an accurate data point on max speed. Acceleration here is 3000 mm/sec2, so top speed should be achieved in t=v/a sec = 1/6 sec. According to the numbers, speeds shown in the travel moves should approach 500 mm/sec. Should look into this to quantify the top speed performance and understand what the limiting factors are.