D3D Universal Future Work

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Deeped rear side screw hole in main extruder printed piece so it can accept 18 mm, not 8 mm bolt.



  1. Simplify to monolithic parts instead of clamshells for the idler, motor, and carriage sides of Universal Axis
  2. Include sensorless endstops
  3. Collect data on lifetime and maintenance requirements
  4. Document plotter, cnc drill, vinyl cutter, and laser cutter operations
  5. 3D print the bushings, belts, and pulleys
  6. Design open source stepper motors
  7. Design a CNC-millable version of the RAMPS board and Arduino Mega


  1. Balanced X axis, where the carriage is attached to the Z axis, and the toolhead is mounted to the idler piece. This balances the motor side stepper with the idler side stepper (extruder).
  2. Automated Toolchanger?