D3D Universal v20.07 Requirements + Value Proposition

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  • D3D Universal is a platform for building the bootstrapped 3D printer, at the lowest cost in the world for a lifetime design.
  • Lifetime design means that any component can be truly maintained for ever.

Technological Recursion

Priorities in ease of execution are the following. This can be great substance for precision manufacturing training.

  1. Fused power supply, Arduino-based
  2. Solid State Relay - simple circuit around an SCR or TRIAC
  3. Bushings - linear bearings
  4. Pulleys - 3DP
  5. Arduino Mega - files for outsourced manufacturing from board houses, and PNP Machine assembly in the fully open source context
  6. Screen. From a screen circuit, and putting a circuit board around it.
  7. 5V power plug, 3D print + a few components. Requires CNC cut of metals for prongs
  8. RAMPS board - via PNP machine - surface mount equivalent?
  9. Belts - 3D printed
  10. Rods - from hot metal processing