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Mapping/Distributed Workshops Pre-Registration

Requirements v3

Phase 1: Register for workshops worldwide; signup for newsletter; join Dev Team

  • Sign up for workshops in different locations
  • Form where people request a workshop in their location. If enough people do this - we declare that we will host a workshop near that location. This would be a great way to help market. This feature should put people on a map - so you can see interest clusters and set workshop schedule accordingly.
  • Use a map on the signup page
  • Feature TED Talk. Feature New Yorker, MIT Innovations articles.
  • Provide a press release for the media regarding Extreme Builds
  • Join Dev Team
  • Show RepLab Vision + Solar Microfactory Vision:
  • Debunks FabLab positioning
  • Debunks doomsday technology - ie, that regenerative manufacturing reduces CO2 levels (as one societal myth)
  • Position RepLab as a foundation for removing artificial scarcity
  • Main content areas of phase 1: Develop - Workshops - Community . Community has builds showcase,
  • The Builds Page should have a 3DPCS design Guide to help people create derivative machines. Builds should also include a community discussion for support. Community Discussion should be an OSE Forum. This could be a D3D discussion group on the OSE Network, and a link to the OSE Workshops FB page.
  • Develop is join the Development Team - THE place where we send people to learn about becoming an OSE Developer.
  • Embedded Team Graph
  • Developer Profiles should be included.
  • World map that shows the locations of our Developers.
  • Front page: # of machines built and workshops held should be prominent. Signup for the next workshop/s should be clear. Flashy pix etc. OSE FB page should be linked from front page. Donate to OSE. Sign up as a True Fan to get 25% discount from Build Workshops. Squeeze page to capture email to provide workshop updates.
  • Workshops is registration for the Workshops.

Phase 2: publications, swag, enterprise

  • Showcase of replications
  • Builds should be a gallery of all people who do various replications and derivatives. Automatic submission form with specific requirements for submitting (picture, location (to be put on a map), link to their blog etc. A catchy paragraph about their build. Encourage sharing of design files if available.
  • Use a map for showcase of replications. Showcase is like OpenBuilds. Free uploads, but files reduced to 50k.
  • Discussion forum. Forum has workshops, technical support, replications, development (for development contributors and OSE Developers), and enterprise topics.
  • Forum on a certain topic should be embedded under a certain relevant page - it should not be a standalone forum. Permies.com has some decent integration.
  • Downloadable e-Book squeeze page which is the manual that people who attend the workshop use to build the 3D printer.
  • e-Book should include up to Language Agnostic instructionals.
  • The Builds Page should have a 3DPCS design Guide to help people create derivative machines. Builds should also include a community discussion for support. This could be a D3D discussion group on the OSE Network, and a link to the OSE Workshops FB page.
  • Map of worldwide locations that have held independent D3D workshops
  1. Enterprise - Focuses on communicating the vision of Distributive Enterprise. Shows basic business model. Shows hat we want to collaborate on creating billion dollar enterprises (ie, the cumulative revenue of open source products from all the players is billions, like for example the market size of cordless drills is over a billion in the USA alone). That means - OSE captures some value - but most value is over time captured by many other entrepreneurs - where we all develop the products and their marketing collaboratively... Page ncludes and e-Book for how to run a 3D Printer Construction Set Workshop. It should include an e-Book for setting up a print cluster, with a Gallery of curated print files for high value products, or products otherwise useful to the 3DPCS + GVCS. Such as parts for D3D, the rainwater system leaf eliminator, rubber tracks, etc. It should be a 'Hall of Fame' of useful printed parts, and later we may create incentive competitions giving rewards for the best 3D print files for product - such as the cordless drill. This can evolve to an automated 3D printing service - where the small industrial robot picks parts off the build platform - but for now, we don't have to worry about that. The parts that people could buy would only be the parts that we feature - as it is frequently challenging to get something to print correctly without prior experience with that part. Using only our parts assures we have the experience.
  2. Shop - this should be swag and kits. Swag= OSE Sticker, D3D sticker, D3D T-shirt, OSE T-shirt, OSE Developer T-shirt, on-demand printed books for all the e-Books mentioned above. Kits= first, a BOM with recommended links (for OSE, we can include Amazon Smile - which gives a small kickback to OSE for people buying through the Amazon Smile link). Later once we set it up we can actually ship ourselves. Note that all of the Shop is first automatic fulfillment. We are not shipping anything ourselves - we outsource that to various on-demand printing/t-shirt/sticker services. That means the price will be higher, but we just don't have the time to run a store, as our focus is education and R&D.

Other references

  • Use a map like Prusa i3 uses for map of their customers - [1]

Documentation Standards

  1. Documentation of Wordpress install on Centos Server, including documentation of directory structure
  2. Documentation of Wordpress theme and consistency with OSE Specifications: scalability, modularity, easy edit, modification. That is - design with website modification in mind
  3. Documentation of how to modify the different parts of the website
  4. Embed code or another mechanism for federating websites (ie, main metrics feed between websites - such as number of machines built feed from other D3D enterprise websites
  5. Fully open source code hosted on Github
  6. Site is scalable to 100 workshops per month, and thousands of Builds featured (see below)
  7. The website should be as easy as possibly to maintain/modify - consistent with our Construction Set approach.


Design Doc v1