D3D Workshop Operations Manual

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Operations Manual

Developments Needed

  1. Perfect the design
  2. Run a 4 person training program. Stabilize that. 2 hours of class per day, developing curriculum until this can be passed off to a trainer. Build the brand and platform for training which provides large value to participants: immersion training.
  3. Select a top list of 3D prints - a cordless drill, OSgopro camera, drone
  4. Open Source Microfactory Challenge - Universal Axis. 3D printed - 3DP, CNC Torch, Cordless Power Tools, printed on D3D and CNC Circuit Mill, CNC Torch, CNC Router. Using standard black pipe. Up to 2" with bushings.
  5. Begin making filament - starting with ABS
  6. D3D Enterprise Training Program

Distributive Enterprise