D3D Workshop Roadmap

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This document tries to point out when to develop what features of the D3D Workshop Plan. Only changes and new features from version to version are pointed out. Note that this is only a sketch and it will be changed/updated in the future.

Workshop v0

  • 1-day
  • X participant spots, Y scolarship/assistant spots, Z instructors
  • Participants paired up throughout the day
  • Every participant start with complete set of parts for one printer
  • Specific timing cutoffs per build step
  • Table placement plan, including table presenting working printer
  • Build steps X, Y and Z: special production line tables (see PBR)
  • Printer: Prusa i3 with auto-bed-level
  • Printer price in parts: $500
  • Instructions are mash-up of other Prusa i3 sources

Workshop v1

  • D3D printer with same auto-bed-level as before
  • Printer has XY-fixed build platform and modular tool head attachment
  • Instructions tailored for workshop, produced by OSE
  • Use of special production line tables adjusted for D3D Printer

Workshop v2

  • Instructions and printer adjusted for wireless controll
  • OSE Label documented for printer
  • Capability of Ninjaflex printing documented
  • Capability of conductive filament printing documented

Workshop v3

  • Longevity of linear actuators (lead screws) tested and documented
  • Test rigs (quality control) for special production line tables X and Y
  • Heat bed + clear enclosure extension designed (not explicitly included in workshop, but linked to in documentation)