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There are 3 places where software may be configured when developing new versions of the OSE 3D Printer. The Cura used here is D3D Lulzbot Cura.

  1. Marlin - see Github repo - https://github.com/OpenSourceEcology/3D-Printer-OSE-Marlin/tree/master/D3D%201807%20Marlin/OSE_Marlin . Go up 2 directories to enable download of entire contents. Use Arduino Environment to upload Marlin to the controller. See note about missing marlin.ino file - i added the missing file to the later Marlin
  2. Configuration file (.ini) in Cura - File:D3D v1807 Profile.ini. Start and end g-codes in Cura - are contained in configuration file. Print Settings in Cura - are also contained in configuration file
  3. Machine Settings in Cura. Install D3D Lulzbot Cura from D3D Controller. Contains bed size, z offset, number of extruders, presence of heated bed. And E steps per mm of filament. This is the only place to set presence of heated bed. Note that machine settings are saved in Cura, so when you restart Cura, you can use the same machine settings. Note also that upon first run, the nozzle size selection shows up. Point - be careful about where settings are put - as nozzle size can be changed in Machine Settings in Cura and Print Settings in Cura - and in the Cura command line. See Cura Machine Settings Notes

Note also that EEPROM Settings may affect the way that the 3D printer works. Currently, EEPROM is turned off, so this shouldn't affect the results here.


In Cura, you can move the axes, test heating of bed + extruder, test the extruder extrusion, home axes, and do a sample print. If anything does not work, hit the small reset button on the controller or unplug the power. Use File:Hollow10.stl as a sample print file.

Setting up Marlin

Adjust the Z offset - once you get the z probe set up in general - use a negative offset (such as -1 or -2, -3.5, etc) to get the nozzle down all the way to the bed for printing.

Line 572 in configuration.h is:


Change the value from 0 to your offset. Be careful that you don't set the offset too high, as the nozzle will drag on the PEI print surface. If it drags with a lot of force, it will scratch or damage the print surface.

Startup From Scratch

  • If you have a different printer that you want to use - load Cura
  • Upload OSE Marlin to the new OSE printer
  • Then install proper configuration file for that printer
  • Then in Cura, go to Machine -> Machine Settings to correct all settings


  1. Machine settings currently on OSE Linux v1.0 - heated bed needs to be turned on:


Config Notes

  1. Turned on EEPROM settings - see howto at http://zennmaster.com/random-things/reprap-101-activating-marlins-eeprom-functions-and-what-that-does-for-you . Note that you have to actively store EEPROM settings through the menu - tweaks do not get saved automatically.
  2. Changed probing to linear:

#define AUTO_BED_LEVELING_LINEAR //#define AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR /** Enable detailed logging of G28, G29, M48, etc. Turn on with the command 'M111 S32'. NOTE: Requires a lot of PROGMEM! */ //#define DEBUG_LEVELING_FEATURE #if ENABLED(AUTO_BED_LEVELING_LINEAR) || ENABLED(AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR) // Set the number of grid points per dimension. #define ABL_GRID_POINTS_X 2 #define ABL_GRID_POINTS_Y ABL_GRID_POINTS_X // Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach). #define LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 20 #define RIGHT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 140 #define FRONT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 20 #define BACK_PROBE_BED_POSITION 140

To Get Proper Prints with a New Extruder

  1. Verify e-steps for the extruder - and make sure Cura machine settings are consistent.
  2. Test extruder - so it's extruding correctly with Cura interface