D3D v20.04.27 Future Work

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Future Work

Specific Immediate Items

  • Simplify Universal Axis from clamshell to monolithic for Motor and idlder side.
  • Retain carriage side, or fix it? Only compelling reason is taking the X axis off. But we could redesign the X so it can be independent of the Y. If we take off X with 2 bolts, service on X or Y allows for whole X and Whole Y to be taken off easily - the Y does not mix with X.
  • Put a 6 mm set screw hole into the bottom z axis holder so it doesn't slip when moving the printer. It holds against the stop of the clip.
  • Chamfer corners on endstop holders, they are sharp.
  • Bed attachment - do clips that wrap around the bed flange, as opposed to magnetic. Saves one outsourced part.

Production Engineering

  • Too much cleanup on X-Y joints. Rework the production engineering so that printing can be by default more clean. Probably do a joint between one-piece motor and one-piece carriage.
    • Is any of this due to print settings and/or nozzle size?
  • Get a shear for cutting PEI easily
  • Kit packing - visibility of components is inspectable by numbers in a couple minutes via Visual Workshop
  • Nest full part kit print on one bed.
  • Do a 2-head printer and 4 head printer for production purposes.
  • Print motion stop hole 1 mm smaller so threads don't strip
  • Enlarge hole in weightholder - too small for wide string


  • Wiring - desing snap-in wire clips - snap in to frame, no tape needed.

Later Work

Bug Reports

  • fix the Y carrieage to X pieces so both carriages are external.


  • Print pulleys
  • Print belts
  • Make heat sinks with CNC
  • Make heat breaks with CNC
  • m6x4x12 flanged bearing - make from bearing balls, then make bearing balls
  • Make the m8 roller skate bearing
  • Printed split wire loom
  • Heater block sock - silicone rubber injection with 3D printed forms
  • Heater blocks + nozzles - screw machine. Nozzle can start with round stox, hex is placed on round, with no machining on round part. Clamp design.
  • 2 and 2.5 mm hex bits.
  • Springs for extruder. Note it goes down 10x in cost for 20000 springs - [1]