D3D v20.04.27 Repair Guide

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Replacing Bearings in Y Carriage

  1. Disconnect plug from X axis motor and end stop
  2. Remove 3 m3x25 screws on the underside of the X axis motor. (note that this is not necessary if the nuts are in the nut catchers under the stepper motor - in that case only the M6 bolts in the next step need to be loosened to take off the motor.
  3. Remove stepper motor to the side
  4. Loosen the M6 screws on the motor side and the idler side to remove the X axis from the Y axes. Straddle the X axis on top of the printer.
  5. Disconnect the plugs from the 2 Y axis stepper motors and one single Y endstop
  6. Remove the Y axes
  7. Release the belt by removing belt peg.
  8. Remove the idler sides from Y Axes
  9. Remove the carriages
  10. Open carriges up and replace bearings.
  11. Replace carriages.
  12. Replace idler sides, but don't tighten the idler side yet. Place the Y axis back on the frame, and tighten down the motor side, adjusting the idler side as needed. After idler side is adjusted, then tighten down the idler side.
  13. Re-tension the Y belts
  14. Replace the X axis back on the Y axes, and tighten down each side with the M6 bolts.
  15. Re-plug the motor plugs and endstops on the X and Y axes.