Dairy Milker/Manufacturing Instructions

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Fabrication Diagrams

Milk Bucket

Milk Bucket

  1. Fabricate milk bucket
  2. Install gaskets
  3. Install tubing, pulsator, check valve

Teat Cups

  • If you bought them prefabricated, install inflations and connect to milk and vacuum tubes coming from the milk bucket.
  • If you are fabricating them:
  1. Remove plungers from 600 cc syringe
  2. Drill vacuum hole
  3. Install barb coupler and seal with silicone
  4. Connect tubing

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  1. Fabricate pulsator body
  2. Install gasketry
  3. Assemble solenoids
  4. Connect tubing

Vacuum pump

  1. Install vacuum regulator (if necessary)
  2. Connect tubing to milk bucket