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Wed Oct 30, 2013

Lots of stuff in http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/CNC_Torch_Table_2/Research_Development and linked pages, including https://github.com/OSE/CNC-Torch-Table-OSE/issues.

Fri Oct 26, 2013



Fri Oct 11, 2013

Thu Oct 10, 2013

File:Backhoe deep dig.skp

  • Did range of motion analysis on the Backhoe 2 legs and finished designing them. I need to clean up the analysis and then I'll post it to the wiki.
  • Finished figuring out the Backhoe 2 base structure: how to mount the legs, where to put some rigidity pieces, etc. I'm getting pretty damn good at sketchup!
  • Started on Backhoe 2 boom range of motion analysis & cylinder mount design.
  • Started on the Backhoe 2 fabrication instructions on paper.
  • Created the pivot base BOM-
  • Upgraded some bulbs in the HabLab to make it brighter.
  • Helped put the roofing on the Microhouse.

I'd love to put some pictures here but it's just too much of a hassle.

Wed Oct 9, 2013

  • Worked on backhoe 3d design including quick attach mount design and modeling, supporting structure, 3d model of best cardboard design, etc.

Backhoe 2.skp - SketchUp Make-1.png

Tue Oct 8, 2013

  • Worked on backhoe pivot range of motion and geometry design.
  • Cleaned up shop more.

Mon Oct 7, 2013

  • Worked on pivot design.

Sun Oct 6, 2013

  • Cleaned up and organized the Backhoe pages on the wiki and linked to the new development pages elsewhere.
  • Bought proper nuts and bolts for cardboard prototyping kit.
  • Worked on backhoe pivot designs with cardboard prototyping kit.

Sat Oct 5, 2013

Fri Oct 4, 2013

Worked on the Microhouse:

  • Helped put on roof modules and OSB roof panels.
  • Figured out how to adapt part of roof design to properly cap insulation channels.
  • Started caulking roof seams.
  • Put up the first piece of trim.

Thu Oct 3, 2013

Helped finish Microhouse loft and wall modules (screwing in plywood and OSB, putting insulation in modules, adding wrap). Painted roofing. Helped make holes in Microhouse exterior wall for pipes. Helped install Microhouse modules. Helped put on temporary roof.

Wed Oct 2, 2013

Put lots of plaster on the Microhouse. Did some carpentry on some of the wooden modules. Talked with Audrey and Katie about some HabLab improvements. Proposed lightweight system for tracking improvements.

Tue Oct 1, 2013

Got here. Laid a few of the last bricks on the Microhouse. Maybe some other stuff I can't remember right now.