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Mon Feb 17 2020

Sun Feb 16 2020

Sat Feb 15 2020

Going through "Learning Arduino for absolute beginners 2nd version"

Fri Feb 14 2020

Thur Feb 13, 2020

Wed Feb 12, 2020

Tue Feb 11, 2020

Going through a course on electronics and Arduino for beginners.

Mon Feb 10, 2020

Sun Feb 9, 2020

Sat Feb 8, 2020


  • I have some larger google docs.
    • Wondering when to link to google docs and when to use the wiki.
    • And if I should import a google doc, is it possible to convert it to wiki text like described in this article?
  • Organized my wiki content so that it is more presentable.
  • Built and coded with Arduino - see Daniel Learning Log

Fri Feb 7, 2020

Some syntaxt not working for me. Will get back to those later.

Thur Feb 6, 2020

- Listened to Marcin's talk with Benoit

- Set up my raspberry 4 so I can start working.

- The Raspberry is not sufficient for Freecad work, and my low-mid range laptop is in Norway, so looking into building a mini ITX computer that I can use now and potentially bring to the event.

- Researched components for the computer

Not sure if these activities should be included in this log as they seem of a more personal nature. Also not sure if learning activities should be logged here.

Tomorrow will be spent learning about the Wiki, reading about the subjects mentioned in Marcin's talk with Benoit and finding parts for the computer.

Wed Feb 5, 2020

Working to get access to a computer, mouse and keyboard to work on temporarily for the project.

Tue Feb 4, 2020

Conversation with Marcin-


  • Agency in the world - make things
  • 2 Collaboration - master modules - you can build them. That he can contribute - that is a need - contribute to the projects. One thing is running something, another is making the reality. I never been a runner, but a transformer.
  • Why transformer. It's working in the countries we live in. So wants a leaner, more sustainable, and regeneration.
  • Did marketing - did a digital marketing consulting business
  • Doing performance magic right now
  • In magic you can use creativity - but it does not have the impact we want
  • Wants to use skills in a more meaningful way
  • In Bali, specifically to a Makerspace.
  • Printer - dental floss holder - that was empowering to him.
  • What can you learn in 3 months?
    • Yes on design process
    • Rework different parts
    • How to prepare for the event?
  • Sees collaborating on circular economy product development
  • Likes the vision. Norway, with lots of material wealth. Hasn't felt scarcity. Wants to develop a vision of how this looks 20 years from now.
  • Most pressing question - is can I get prepped up beforehand. Start collaborating.
  • Says an onboarding ramp is good - there are many people like him
  • There are many people like Daniel - need a path to get involved step by step - that would widen the realm