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Welcome to OSE's Development Dashboard. The Dashboard page on the wiki is Open Source Ecology's main interface for its design and development work. This interface contains a video that describes our Design Sprint method and provides some form of overview on the technical developments being made, as well as communication channels, as well as a place where all the work is documented. This page will be permanently under construction - until we stabilize the development method. First, you should be listed in the Design Sprint Teams link on the dashboard - or Extreme Team Members. If you are not, click Join the Deveopment Team at the top to fill out a survey.

Then, see the Design sprint video in the 4th window if you haven't seen it already.

The Design Sprints involve on-site (at Factor e Farm) people and remote collaborators. We are working on the 60 different modules that make up about 10 of the GVCS Machines at the same time. Our campaign is 6 in 60 - meaning 6 machines designed and built in 60 days. We are spending the first 6 weeks in design work, and the last 2 weeks in a buildout sprint where the 6 machines come to life at the Factor e Farm workshop.

The current status involves the items in the green spreadsheet at the bottom of the Dashboard. If you click on the GVCS Conceptalu Design Link above the green spreadsheet, you can find some more information on the machines. If you click on the Backhoe Concept Sample Link above the green spreadsheet, you will see work in progress regarding documentation necessary to begin CAD work in sketchup.

To learn Sketchup - start with Sketchup Tutorial 1 - which will teach you to build frames of GVCS machines - and Sketchup Tutorial 2.

See GVCS Cost Spreadsheet for comparison of Industry Standard Costs to GVCS costs.