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  • suggests - format used by https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/videos (Dead Link) for video - simple images, text over it, video.
  • Use footage of built homes.
  • Explain in animation - and show real footage at end.
  • Start with Concept, then finish with real
  • Try to keep it simple. One story only.
  • Pill size - swallow it without thinking
  • 80% script; hire a guy to do a jacket. Including shitty image. But most effective image. Think of it as 'make it look good only for fiverr'. Need the right content.
  • Fun, motivation, both cats and technical
  • Relatable example. If you like pictures - here's a camera. Something that sparks imagination. Definitely connect to a larger vision.
  • Ralatable
  • Greater vision
  • Simple that anyone can understand - with a lightbulb moment - "why don't we do it"
  • Everyone thinks about it - but present it as a more developed way - present in an engaging
  • Good feelings
  • Resonates because people already thought of it
  • Leave Aravena out from this
  • Don't point out too much about why it's wrong; just grasp on sulutions in the minds of people
  • Nice house without Debt; also you start single then grow your family; then your dog; stuff around you grows
  • Don't be stuck in a small house forever


  • Distilling message to the core
  • What is the resonating feature? They already know it, we just flesh it out for them.

The Personal is them - KS is not about you, but about them.

Other Genius:

  • So outrageous that it's funny