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XXX XXXXXXX mentioned your Factor e Farm the other day... again. The mentions of "Marcin" by Jeff Buderer and others never took root, and I never got to the site or the info on Open Source Ecology. So, I finally watched the interview with Vinay and explored a lot of the pages and resources. Okay, I'm interested... I'm freakin' excited!! Ben is working with another circle I'm in, and at last meeting, he mentioned your planned visit for 18 June, and I sadly told him I will be in Washington/Canada from 12 to 24 June. We were wondering what can be done so we can connect here. But I'll start with the following:

What's missing for me:

1. How big is the farm/land you're operating on? How did you find it and at what cost? 2. Is there a plan view/drawing of the farm? 3. Sort out for me the "electric garden tractor" vs. the multi-tractor vs. the hybrid electrohydraulic tractor! 4. I'd like to see on the site the steps from Day One when you arrive on raw land... what's the first thing you do/build? And the sequencing of machine-making and land-working from thence to a fully-realized eco-village. 5. I'd love to see any plans or sketches for the multi-tractor and all associated systems. 6. How many people [you're still at three?] make your Factor e Farm work and how many can that land/village/community accommodate comfortably?

Take a look at Designfluence(.org) and tell me what synergy you see. I can see, once our Give Bank™ project is working, and perhaps before that, we can get more minds and resources pointed your way. What design resources would be useful to you and the propagation of Open Source Ecology?

How can we help? For instance, the mention of an OS Digital Camera is one project we'd like to do, and had identified an OS/low-cost video camera as a Give Bank project.

Admiringly, David

David Alan Foster Founder/CCO Designfluence