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I have set up a semantic mediawiki for a discussion group I run about open source hardware(and tools and resources for hobbyists/startups, general OSHW and related news). Having a discussion group is great, but the information is not organized, currently (for example we get many people asking the same questions about things like PCB vendors, or toolchian setup etc. The wiki has been made to organize all the future discussions in the discussion group, and from elsewhere into a semantic wiki, so that queries such as, "List of local vendors", or "List of projects using openwrt" etc. can be made.

Here's the URL:

Although it's named Delhi-OSHW (because of our discussion group), it is open to all content. Currently it doesn't have much content, only a few pages I added to test things out, but I have made templates for pages, categories, forms for data entry etc. Please also suggest ways in which the wiki can be more useful to the OSHW community.

Tavish Naruka <>