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Fri Mar 10, 2023

China just reelected their dictator with over 1000 votes, all unanimous, no abstentions. This means that exciting times are coming for distributing production to get away from thorough dependence on Chinese manufacturing - as perhaps the biggest single step towards achieving democracy worldwide. China is not as bad as other thugs (no blatant defenestrations etc), but this is still a great chance to restore balance of power and revoking of populism (as caused by production jobs evaporating worldwide). We must applaud China, however, for planting 80 billion trees in the next decade. This is all great news, as Distributed Production in a Nutshell can restore world order.

Thu Mar 9, 2023

  • Tractor Construction Set from scrap steel, TPU, and plastic. Precision devices, hdg, engines, tires, hoses, and construction set like Legos from hydrogen. Solar Si, concrete, Al, steel, rubber, plastic, ceramic, wood. Food.
  • Civilization Starter Kits for $100k and 1 year of your time, using free abundant materials that provides you with a house, Car, energy, fuel, and food. Fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oil, and bread. 1:1 ratio of shopping to harvesting. Requires OS machines. Buy-in includes a collaborative shared economy infrastructure facility + private goods.
  • Open source crowd sourced fighter jets with Range Extender RTK kits for targeting
  • Ads on TV aiming for reconciliation from Russian propaganda