Democratic Consolidation

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OSE Practice of Democratic Consolidation

  • Integration of humans is the critical missing link - is, despecialization so that each agent understands as much about the whole world as possible. They must be able to think, and possess moral intelligence.
  • One of the greatest aspects of demo ratic Consolidation must be moral intelligence
  • Mutually (between individuals, groups, and ststes) assured economic productivity is critical.
  • Slavery, contrary to public opinion, is not desirable and never will be because it deprives one of agency as in Self Determination Theory


If the above are critical elements, then it is not possible to have democracy without an education system that teaches moral intelligence, or open source economic collaboration (failure to produce mutually assured abundance). Unfortunately, the current design of artificial scarcity into the operating system prevents any meaningful hope of rising above absolute concentration of power, as in 8 Individuals owning as much wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion. Otherwise, all other things are dandy.