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Hey Marcin,

I have just signed up for the microfactory bootcamp as a remote participant.

My background lies in an MSc in business informatics, several years in the industries as well as startups and finally, I’m now into freelance Web app development. Further I‘m currently learning permaculture design and just did the PDC on a farm in Austria. I‘m enthusiastic about the whole open source movement (soft- and hardware) and recently started reading through your OSE developer crash course.

My goal with the bootcamp is to lay the foundation to bring OSE to Zurich Switzerland and install a microfactory there. Btw; if you‘ve got already some cooperators in Switzerland I would be glad if you could provide me their contacts, so I could catch up with them?

As this signup is quite shorttem and I‘m on some travels this week I probably won‘t be able to attend all of the live lectures, but looking forward to grab on the recordings afterwards.

Finally, I have to say that I‘m impressed what you have achieved in the past years and I extremely like the whole OSE idea and philosophy behind.

So then, looking forward to the bootcamp ;)