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Contact Information: - phone, Skype, email, webpage, blog, other

Contributions relevant to project: - any related education, skills, experiences, resources that may contribute to moving the project forward.

Present engagements and actions currently engaged in on a day-to-day level:

Networks: Social networks, groups, clubs, organizations, or other leaders

Level of Commitment to the Good Work: This question helps us assess what you are capable of in terms of practical commitment levels and depth of involvement. Are you doing full time organizational/progressive/open source/other work for a living, or is it a part time diversion from working another, unrelated full-time job?

Livelihood goals: - What would you like to see yourself working in/making a living on a long-term basis? Is that what you're doing now?

Your interests in open product/infrastructure development: What in particular interests you in open development?

projects you are interested in - Spray cob, CEB, earth building...

Are you interested in living in a startup, land-based Global Village as being discussed here?

How did I find out about OSE?

Other things:

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