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The Open Hardware Repository is an open source library of CAD/CAM files that can be automatically produced via Digital Fabrication, unleashing the power of Distributive Enterprise.

The end goal is to have a library of useful products - and supporting Distributed Production Engineering and Distributed Quality Control that can enable economic freedom by distributing production.

While most repositories are currently focused on additive manufacturing enabled by 3D Printing, advances in cheap robotic assembly equipment, hold the potential to create powerful Flexible Fabrication assembly lines that can meet or exceed industrial productivity - but do so on a more effective scale.

Full Printed - a short video - shows the power of digital fabrication. Yet we are far from this promise, as consumerism reigns supreme and commerce favors throw-away products. Yet with localized digital fabrication and high quality downloadable designs - people can be producing lifetime design products with closed loop material cycles. How? If you have the open source design, you can always get or print yourself a new part to repair, modify, or upgrade your product. This effectively converts a throwaway society to an ecological sanity.

One of the biggest challenges to this is the lack of high quality, accessible designs. We intend to address this through the Open Source Everything Store - a movement for public product design. See Open_Source_Product_Development#What_It_Is_Not for a critique of existing platforms.


HintLightbulb.png Hint: See critique of existing design repositories at Open_Source_Product_Development#What_It_Is_Not



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