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OSE Fellows engage in monthly Design Jams. Usng the open source Desktop Microfactory, we design and build useful products during Design Jams.

Design Jams should be structured just like the rest of OSE development: in a modular way. This way complex projects can be integrated by multiple teams working in parallel.

With dozens of people working in real time on several teams, it is possible to design and build complex projects in a short time - such as a day or a weekend. The key is designing a collaboration architecture (relevant breakdown, sequencing, and allocation of tasks based on the development workflow).

Together with 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC circuit milling - powerful.development and production can take place when co.bined with easy to source, off the shelf parts.

Design Jams can happen in multiple locations at the smae time, led by several OSE Fellows. The Jams can include a competition component, such as leveraging incentive challenge platforms like HeroX. OSE intends to design challenges on a monthly basis, where the outcome is real working products.

Collaboration Architecture

Parallel teams can include:

  • Study of industry standards
  • Concept diagrams
  • CAD
  • Part Library creation and curation
  • Calculations
  • Laser cutter scale model prototyping
  • 3D printing
  • Shredding waste plastic
  • Making 3D printing filament from lunchtime waste plastic
  • laser cutting of actual parts from plywood or cardboard
  • Electronics CAD
  • Breadboard prototyping
  • CNC circuit milling
  • Blender modelng and rendering
  • CAE simulations in FreeCAD
  • Coordination with remote teams via OSE Design Jams FB page, FB Live, or, or HeroX page
  • Website is updated in real time, including a live feed via
  • 3D scanning via photogrammetry for reverse engineering
  • LAI creation
  • EPA creation
  • Software writing and testing
  • Project integration - assuring that all parts for together
  • Publishing - documenting the event with pictures and storytelling using templates using the Manual Template
  • BOM generation
  • Instructional production on OSE Design Jams FB page. Instructional is pinned to top, feed is updated continuously by all teams.
  • Dashboard page is used on the main site
  • Fund-raising - sending people to a polo shirt, t shirt, sticker, donate, preorder a workshop, and pre-order product (with refund if not completed)

Product Ideas

  • Fish Feeder
  • Aerial Drone
  • Digital camera - Thermografree
  • OBI Arch Kit
  • D3D Construction Set - build your own high performance 3D printer, CNC Circuit Mill, Laser Cutter, Filament Maker, and brew your own metal-filled filaments
  • Filament Extruder
  • Welder
  • Metal printer
  • Folding table - $50 on Amazon - [1]